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The Tokyo branch opened in Denenchofu in 2012 after its establishment in Fukuoka in 2008. Since then, the gallery has been expanding its activities as a link between the art scenes in Kyushu and Tokyo, and as a gallery that introduces excellent Japanese art to the world. Our concept is “to provide high quality artworks and artists that are not influenced by trends or times. We will continue to seek art with universal value that can continue to move people even as the times change. We are also committed to creating an environment in which art can be appreciated. Both the Fukuoka and Tokyo stores are located in quiet suburban residential areas and feature spaces in houses surrounded by spacious grounds and gardens overflowing with greenery. The Tokyo store is an authentic Japanese-style mansion where visitors can enjoy exhibiting artwork in each room.

〒810-0065 福岡県福岡市中央区地行浜1-2-5

TEL. 092-738-5655

E-mail. info@mizoe-gallery.com

Website. https://mizoe-gallery.com/

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