Kobe Art Marché 2023

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msb gallery

msb galleryは、アーティストやアート作品を通じて、過去・現在・未来をつなぎ、世界をひとつにする、人と人をむすぶ移動式展示プロジェクトです。

旅する展覧会~Travel Exhibitions~では、物故作家と現役美術作家の作品を同空間に配し、皆様と幅広い作品との出会いを提供いたします。



msb gallery is a mobile exhibit project that ties people to one another, unifies the world and connects the past, present and future through artists and artworks.

At the exhibition trip named ~Travel Exhibitions~, we will present works of both deceased and active artists in the same space, providing a wide range of opportunities for you to meet art works.

This year in Kobe, we will be having our second exhibition following last year under the theme of color, rhythm, and botanicals. We will feature works by Yusuke Mitsufuji, merino and others, with prints by a Ukrainian painter Sonia Delaunay and by an American illustrator Saul Steinberg who both were active in France in the 20th century.

We hope to share the joy of “living with art” with all of you.

〒103-0023 東京都中央区日本橋本町1-7-9 西村ビル1F

TEL. 080-1304-9930

E-mail. info@msb-gallery.com

Website. https://www.msb-gallery.com

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