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London - 憧れ
コラージュ / 25.8x18.9cm / 2022

Pattern - 美しさ
コラージュ、色鉛筆 / 25.8x18.9cm / 2022

GIrl - 見守る
コラージュ / 22x12.1cm / 2021

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また、彼女の作品は本や作家ともつながりがあります。 彼女のお気に入りの作家は、アン・M・プルー、ジョン・スタインベック、アンナ・エンキスト。
彼らはすばらしい観察者で、自分を取り巻く小さなものに気づき、そこから喜びを見出しています。 彼らの本には平凡な人々やその人生の葛藤、幸福の探求が書かれています。

作品を通して、日本の皆様が喜びとインスピレーションを得られますよう... 」


Bernadette is a collage artist based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, who creates works using used old paper, books, and old materials that has been collected over time.
Although all this world has become familiar with digital makings, Bernadette emphasizes the nostalgic feeling and the imperfections of old paper, which has faded colors, stains, and traces of use.
There is also a connection between her works and the books/writers. Her favorite writers are Anne M.Proulx, John Steinbeck and Anna Enquist who are great observers and notice the smallest things that surround them and get joy out of that. Their books are about ordinary people, their struggle in life and search for happiness.                                   
‘The small things that surround us, which make you happy, such as nature, being outside in the country, in the garden, reading books and listening to music. I try to capture and express those precious moments in my work.
I hope that the people in Japan will get joy and inspiration out of it through my work...’     Bernadette Helmers


「Once upon a time」msb gallery(東京)

Solo Exhibition
Once upon a time, msb gallery, Tokyo, Japan