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2015年大阪の中崎町にオープンしました。画家の原康浩が運営。 20~30代の若手作家を中心に平面絵画、イラスト、立体造形、テキスタイル、写真、現代美術からアウトサイダーアートまで幅広い表現を発信します。

Atelier Sangatsu

Opened in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka in 2015. It is run by painter Yasuhiro Hara.
It presents a wide range of expressions from two-dimensional painting, illustration, three-dimensional modeling, textiles, photography, contemporary art to outsider art, mainly by young artists in their 20s~30s.

From 2021, exhibitions will be held in Tokyo and Fukuoka.
In the same year, he was in charge of art direction for several Osaka culture and art festivals organized by Osaka Prefecture.
Together with Salon Mosaic and gekilin., the unit TRI-FOLD OSAKA will continue to be active in organizing competitions, exhibiting at art fairs, etc.

〒530-0015 大阪市北区中崎西4-2-9

Tel. 090-9874-0415

E-mail. haraharb@gmail.com

Web. https://www.sangatsu.net

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