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s+arts(スプラスアーツ)は、幅広い世代の作家を取り扱い、作品の技術・ビジュアル・コンセプトにおいてオリジナリティーがあり、国内外で評価される質の⾼い現代アートを紹介。 1987年神奈川に開廊した「湘南台画廊」の第⼆のスペースとして 2008年六本⽊にオープンした Shonandai MY Gallery から2019年s+artsとしてリニューアルオープン。 六本木のアートエリアの中心に位置し、国内での展⽰の他、インターナショナルアートフェアへの出展や、宿泊施設や飲食店等へのアートディレクション等も積極的に⾏っています。
s+arts represents artists of a wide range of generations. Being well known for originality in technology and the visual concept of the work, the gallery presents and plans exhibitions of exceptional quality contemporary art that is held in high esteem both in Japan and abroad. Having been renewed as s+arts in January 2019, the space shares its location with the Shonandai MY Gallery, which opened its doors in Roppongi in 2008 as the second space of the planning gallery “Shonandai Gallery” which was established in Kanagawa in 1987. Located in the cross-section of the National Art Center, Tokyo, the Suntory Museum of Art and Mori Art Museum; known as the Roppongi Art Triangle, the location serves to be easily accessible by both domestic and international patrons. In addition to exhibiting in Japan, the gallery has an active presence at international art fairs, exhibiting at affiliated galleries overseas and providing art direction for hotels and restaurants.

〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木7-6-5 六本木栄ビル 3F

Tel. 03-3403-0103

E-mail. info@splusarts.com

Web. https://www.splusarts.com/

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