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1975年創業、本年50年を迎えます。国内外の画家を中心に企画展を開催。1990年より20年に亘り全国の美術館を巡回してきた両洋の眼展では、日本の絵画の”今”を発信してまいりました。 現在は百貨店、画廊での企画展を中心に日本画・洋画を幅広くご紹介しております。弊社の特徴は1970年代から写実に力を注ぎ、写実の巨匠野田弘志画伯の個展を日本各地の他ベルギー、ポルトガルで紹介し高い評価を得ました。 現在は独学で独自の写実世界を展開する画家、山梨備広をアートフェア東京で紹介し人気を博し完売を期しました。 また、広告代理店の、エグゼクティブクリエイティブディレクターとして活躍し画家に転身した異彩、田中英生の新写実世界が話題を集めアートフェア東京で完売。その後、香港、ニューヨークなどで活躍中です。近年では写実だけでなく、次世代の新鋭作家を発掘し紹介しております。
Founded in 1975, This year marks the 50th anniversary. It has held exhibitions focusing on Japanese and foreign artists."We have been touring museums across the country for 20 years since 1990, and we have been presenting the 'now' of Japanese paintings." Currently, we are introducing a wide range of Japanese and Western paintings, focusing on planning exhibitions at department stores and art galleries.Our company's characteristics have been focused on realism since the 1970s, and we have received high praise for introducing private exhibitions by real master painter Hiroshi Noda in various parts of Japan, Belgium and Portugal. At the Tokyo Art Fair, we introduced Tomohiro Yamanashi, a painter who is now self-taught and develops his own real world, and it became popular and sold out.Recently, Hideo Tanaka's new real world of photography has become a hot topic of conversation as an executive creative director of an advertising agency, and has been selling out in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York. In recent years, notonly realism artists. We discovered the nextgeneration of new artists I'm introducing you.

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