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Kobayashi Gallery was established in 1978. Our exhibition projects feature the works of young and mid-career artists, including 3D artists, of the same generation as the gallery staff. The staff works alongside the artists in the desire shared by all to develop and grow together. Links between artists, art dealers and collectors are cultivated, with the gallery aiming to serve as a “salon” for all involved. The gallery also has a history of handling numerous masterpieces of deceased and overseas artists. We aim to be a distinctive presence in the art scene, clearly displaying uniqueness. Particularly in recent years the gallery has striven to discover new young artists, and to foster and support them.

〒105-0014 東京都港区芝1-15-13 3F

Tel. 03-6435-1893

E-mail. info@kobayashi-g.co.jp

Web. https://www.kobayashi-g.co.jp/

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