Kobe Art Marché 2024

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Artist meets Art Fair

神戸アートマルシェは未知なる才能を発掘する公募展「Artist meets Art Fair」を開催しています。入選者は神戸アートマルシェ会場にて作品を展示販売いたします。作家も在廊いたしますので、作品について気になることを直接お話いただけます。

Kobe Art Marche is holding a public exhibition called “Artist meets Art Fair” to discover unknown talents. Winners will display and sell their works at the Kobe Art Marche venue. Artists will also be in the gallery, so please enjoy interacting with new talent.
During the event, attendees will vote to select the Audience Award. We appreciate your support for up-and-coming artists who are soaring into the future.

Artists List

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