Kobe Art Marché 2023

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神戸元町 歩歩琳堂画廊


We are a special gallery dealing with contemporary art based on the concept of “bringing never-before-seen art close to you in a comfortable space.
We handle a genre-less selection of Western and Japanese-style paintings and prints, from up-and-coming young artists whose future is exciting to experienced artists of great ability, and we plan solo exhibitions of attractive artists.
As our philosophy
We strive to make contemporary art accessible to a wide range of people, not only art fans, but also to make it easier to understand and familiarize oneself with it on a daily basis.
To provide a venue for the presentation of artworks in order to nurture young artists who will lead the next generation.
We hope to be a gallery that plays a role in contributing to the development of Japanese art and culture.
Currently, the gallery is not only a place for collectors, but also a place where many artists gather, creating a salon-like atmosphere where new events are born and a new sense of art scene is developing.

〒650-0022 兵庫県神戸市中央区元町通1-10-11元町エビスビル3階

TEL. 078-321-1154

E-mail. kobebuburindougarou@gmail.com

Website. https://www.buburindou.com

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